Job Shadowing presentation review

  • What I learned during my job shadowing was what does  mechanical engineer does in the Caterpillar company. Though it was very interesting I still don’t know what I want to be. Till then I will be a pharmacists with a hobby of making a web-comic.
  • Over all I think I did pretty well. I dressed up nice for the party after school but still nice. I looked at the crowd spoke pretty descent. though I did studded a bit and forgot what i was going to say but okay.
  • what i tried to do was look at the crowd. try not to read the presentation word for word and use my own words.
  • If I were to changed a little bit of my presentation i would of practiced a little
  • if i were to do the presentation again i wouldn’t stuttered
  • the easiest part was to do the presentation
  • the hardest part was to do the presentation
  • now that i look at my presentation i did pretty well

Interview Questions

Since I wasn’t here for the mock interview, I was answerd the following question on a piece of paper.

1.) the questions were easy to answer but it took a little time. most likely in interview they wouldn’t give you much time to think

2.) Since i wrote the questions on the paper it wasn’t pressuring

3.) My responses to the questions were probably in need in spell check

4.) Maybe answer truthfully and quickly i wouldn’t rally know since I wasn’t in one

5.) One i would have to be brave an look them in the eye. be natural be ready for anything they throw at you. Dress formal give a good hand shake. don’t act like an animal or some one who is uncivilized. keep you personal preferences at home Like different color socks loud music etc. bring a pen, resume with appropriate picture, recommendation list, contact information, and etc

6.) well this activity was an experience that we will be experiencing soon after or during high school. next year i would have more to put on the resume like anime club vice president and there’s is always room for  improvement. this is a skill we need since is a easy information for the manager to choose who to hire. you can’t meet everyone since it would be fifty times more work like additions for plays and musicals they have to see everyone and listen to different yet the same performance over and over again


Playing games is a fun pass time though I don’t play much of the main stream games everyone know about. Since normally kids my age have X boxes and PlayStation paired with grand theft auto 5, assassin’s creed III, sky-rim, modern warfare, etc. I play casual since I waste time on anime.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a type of simulation game where you run around town fighting things to sell and earn money. You have to pay your mortgage to get a bigger house spend x amount of money to get upgrades play events for prizes. Since its the new game you are the apparent mayor and your secretory Isabelle everyone’s wife disregarding gender roles. Get along with your neighbors and do silly task for them, also forgot to mention they are all animals except you.

I tend to play visually appealing games like this one called Fire Emblem Awaking. Many people didn’t understand the game since it was kinda a war chess like game. Select a character move x amount steps and fight the enemy in range. The newest one is really popular with Nintendo players though most people playing the game marries Chrom first play through most likely on accident. Yes you can marry in this game. MU which is My Unit which is yourself can marry anyone of the opposite gender. Play the game yourself and see how you like it there’s diologe, cut scenes, good graphics, and no feet. They didn’t know how much can the 3ds possess so they have stubby feet. In there new game they have feet

Never really thought I would ever play Harvest Moon but it’s really fun for me at least. Again you can marry a Character but you have to give your love gifts day to day. This is like an Animal Crossing but the days go faster. One minute equals to an hour unlike animal crossing were is one minute is one minute. In this one you are a farmer there are four months spring, summer, fall, and winter.

A mmorpg or mass muti-player online role playing game. You chose a class depending on what you want to be like a thief, aren, renegade, etc. The list is very long. Each class has its own story. Its more fun to play with friends then alone

.I played this game when I am bored its really fun to create thing like buildings and other stuff. the basics of this game is to help the people of the king with their problems.

60 Second Shakespeare

In Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare our group did act 5 scene 1. Some of the people in the group had more lines than the other in scrip. In the act the Duke, who is madly in love with Olivia, wants to enter her house, but the fool doesn’t let him in unless he is paid. After he is paid he heads off into the house to fetch the fair lady Olivia. Duke not knowing that she is now married to a Cesario look alike, and same for Olivia not knowing that her husband is not the man she fell in love with. She tells Duke she is married to Cesario. Out a fit of rage he fires Cesario and runs off to later come back. Sir Andrew goes to Olivia to blame Cesario for punching him. Cesario claims innocent. Sebastian comes to joins the group and confuses everyone. Since they only thought of Cesario as one person. Sebastian and Cesario has a chat about their dead siblings and realize they are both alive. Duke catches wind that Cesario is a women named Viola. Malvolio come out of the shed and declares that all of then are crazy and quits. Olivia and Sebastian; Viola and Duke; and Maria and Toby all marry each other on the same day.

At far of the acting goes we did okay. there wasn’t much movement and voice changes. Though there wasn’t much we could do since we only worked on it for two days. The scrip was made in a few minutes with the memory we had of the play.

Compared to the other groups is was pretty much the same in my opinion that is. Almost all the groups didn’t move.

For next year Mrs. Maslowski give your student more time.

Comments depend on the content and person

There are some people that live to hate on others and find every and any content with it do cyber bully them and tell them that they suck.

Others can be very nice

Extremist opinions of the fan girl. 1 direction is the best same as Justin, Akame Ga Kill sword art online, super who lock, Homestuck, MLP, this ship is better than that pair, etc.

with the freedom of speak, we some times over speak our steps saying rude and hurtful things on facebook and other wise

Others like to comfort the suicidal, depressed, lonely, etc.

or follow the person they admire and praise them or hate them

ignore or reply


As we grow up we learn what right from wrong, what these people do, what we should do, etc. Boys have to act like boys. They can’t cry, be though, blue is your favorite color, etc. Girls should be girls. They can’t be though, don’t do sports, pink is your favorite color, etc. Girls rape the rape victims, teach your boys’ to behave. Teach your girls to watch what they wear. Boys don’t get raped, but they do. Boys don’t cry, but they do. Girls need protection, but they don’t. Girls are weak, but they aren’t. Asians are smart yet I’m struggling. All Asians look the same. All white people look the same. All black people look the same. We all should follow the rules and be the same as the society thinks of us. Police brutality beatings are unnecessary. These comments are unnecessary. I expect you to be like me, your father,your mother, cousin, aunt, uncle, etc. I hate it. It is all stupid and most likely unnecessary.


I don’t understand the plan testing. Though I understand it is to test knowledge or something of the sort. Even so there are some teens or kids that cannot handle a timed test. Such as the timed math test with multiple multiplication, addition, division, and subtraction problems. Math is a strong point but the plan test was material that wasn’t really covered. Example find the area with x amount of perimeter is missing and the perimeter not stated. How are you suppose to find the area with the information does not help find the answer. What does the plan test even do of the grade anyway. In English 2 we are taught to write paragraphs about the set information. Proper grammar is not really taught. I still cannot understand the grammar and reading questions. I do not recall any knowledge about using a colon, a semicolon, and a hyphen in a sentence. As such when they are suggested as an answer it goes guessy chossie for the correct answer. A inexperience blindfolded knife thrower for instance.

Tips for the school year

The school year is tough and may things can go wrong.

!) Get your work done and take advantage of the time. If you want to be lazy at home then do it, but try to work at school so you can be lazy at home. nothing is worse as late assignments. Since some people never turn in their work and it hurts your grade over time.

2) Bring a jacket. Some rooms are cold and others are hot. Don’t be complaining about how cold you are if you aren’t dressed properly.

3) organize and prioritize. Keep your bags clean. I doesn’t matter how but keep thing that are relevant to school. since you don’t need last years test in the bottom of your back pack.

4) Always have a pencil, a calculator, and your lap top. it is very important to be prepared for class, since the teacher might not always have a pencil to barrow. charge your laptop since it is now an important necessity to our school.

5) keep notes. Not every one can have a photo perfect memory.


I’m not a superstitious person… or maybe I am. Well it doesn’t matter. to me valentines day is another day and Friday the 13th is the same. I’m not doing much for V day besides babysitting but each day means something different. A reminder of something or another day.  V day is a day where couples show a lot of pda and get really touchy feely, depending on who you are. Friday the 13 is a day of bad luck filled with black cats and superstition. No matter the day I’ll still going to binge watch anime and take care of children. Have a pleasant day no matter what your doing.